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5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Habits by Jessica Radke-Snead, MS, RD, CD


5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Habits by Jessica Radke-Snead, MS, RD, CD

Kristal Hayek

1.  Be proactive, not reactive. Take charge of your holiday health by setting goals and making a nutrition plan before your seasonal activities start. Decide what you would like to accomplish by the end of the holiday season, and set weekly nutrition-related goals to get you there. Need help establishing an effective nutrition plan? Schedule an appointment with our Registered Dietitian to ensure that you meet your goals this season!

2.  Eat with intention. You may not be able to control your exposure to the abundance of decadent dishes and treats this holiday season, but you are always in control of your food and beverage choices. Be mindful when you eat—slow down, and deliberately pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally in relation to your nutrition choices. Maintaining a strong connection with your nutrition choices and eating habits is essential to supporting your health and performance!

3.  Prioritize portion size. Food and beverage portion control is essential to achieving that happy balance between pleasing your palate and supporting your body’s needs. Enjoy your favorite holiday foods and beverages in moderation using sensible portion sizes and employing mindfulness during each meal to enjoy every delicious bite or sip!

4.  Assume healthy alcohol intake. Consuming alcohol doesn’t have to threaten your holiday health. If you enjoy wine, choose dry wines instead of sweet wines for their low residual sugar content and vibrant fruit flavors. If you enjoy hard liquor, pair it with carbonated water that is free of additives and accent with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs instead of flavored syrups to keep your sugar intake in check. If you enjoy beer, choose light-colored varieties over dark for their lower calorie content. Of utmost importance: keep your alcohol consumption modest and safe!

5.  Combat stress effectively. Although holiday events intend to bring us joy and happiness, they can also increase our stress. Instead of turning to food or beverages to soothe your holiday spirit, do something that brings you relaxation and joy!