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5 Ways Complete Athlete is Different than Other Fitness Facilities in Spokane, WA


5 Ways Complete Athlete is Different than Other Fitness Facilities in Spokane, WA

Kristal Hayek

There are 5 important ways Complete Athlete stands apart from other fitness facilities. These five things make us different and even better than any other gym or health club in Spokane:

 1.   We believe that everyone has an athlete inside of them.  Our passion is to help every individual discover their inner athlete as well as what their body is capable of accomplishing.  We want to get our clients moving and performing to the best of their ability. 

2.   We pride ourselves in our attention to detail.  We intentionally keep our group sizes small (even at the cost of better profit).  Our small, semi-private setting allows for the value of one-on-one coaching, but also cultivates a feeling of belonging to something bigger.  Our group setting fosters a culture of accountability held to the client by other members of the group.

3.   Our program is founded on movement based analysis and research.  Therefore, movement free of dysfunction, as well as the continuous effort to create better movement skills, is priority number one.  Programs are customized and then progressed in a safe manner based on a preliminary individual movement screening.  This methodology allows us to provide a personal training environment but in a small group or semi-private setting.    

4.   A positive community atmosphere where everyone is encouraging and supportive of each other’s goals is the setting at Complete Athlete.  Because most injuries occur when people are pushed beyond their physical limitations, we will not ostracize you for not being at an “expected” fitness level.  Instead, we will help you achieve that next level in a safe and effective manner. 

5.   Our facility is unlike any other in the industry.  Our 40 yards of turf, our diverse plyometric section and our multi-faceted weight room offers more to our clients than any other facility in Spokane.  In addition, we offer a Dietitian, a Chiropractor and a Physical Therapist all under one roof.  Our team works together for the betterment of our clients.

These five things are just the tip of the iceberg on what separates us from the competition.  Complete Athlete is fitness, performance and therapy – developing the athlete in all of us!