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11 Questions That Reveal Your Results BEFORE You Begin Any Fitness or Weight Loss Program


11 Questions That Reveal Your Results BEFORE You Begin Any Fitness or Weight Loss Program

Kristal Hayek

INSTRUCTIONS: These questions are based on tried and true behavioral psychology.  And, as you will see, your answers are predictive of the results you can expect from any fitness or weight loss program.  Take a moment to complete this brief survey.  Your answers are for your informational purposes ONLY.

#1 What is your fitness/weight loss goal? *
#2 What do you feel is a realistic time frame to achieve this goal? *
#3 Why do you want to achieve this goal? (Could be more than 1) *
#6 Are you a "lone wolf" who thinks you can do it all yourself - or do you appreciate and value accountability, support and guidance from a trusted, expert coach with a documented track record of success helping people like you get in the best shape of their life? *
#7 Do you perceive hiring an expert coach to improve your health and fitness as a "cost" you have to pay someone else, or as an "investment" that pays you dividends for the rest of your life? *
#8 Do you believe that consistent exercise alone is all you need to achieve your goal, or that consistent exercise and healthy, supportive diet is necessary? *
#9 If you are provided nutritional guidance/meal planning that dramatically accelerates your results WITHOUT leaving you calorically deprived (and hungry all the time), can you commit to following it? *
#10 Do you believe you have to wait for the "perfect time" to start getting your body, health and positive feelings about yourself back; or do you believe in seizing the day and starting now? *
#11 Do you believe that the choices YOU make largely determine the results you get in life; or do you believe your life is largely out of your control? *

What your answers predict about your ability to get results!

Your Goal.

Did you write down your goal?  If so, you are 9 times (900%) more likely to achieve it according to behavioral experts.  There is immense power in writing down what you want to achieve (then taping it to your bathroom mirror so you see it every day when you get out of the shower).

Your Clarity.

Are you crystal clear on why you want to achieve your health and fitness goal?  If your "why" is clear and strong in your mind, the "how" becomes much, much easier.

Your Commitment.

How'd you rate yourself on the commitment scale?  Anything less than a 10 indicates just "interest", not real commitment.  When you're "interested" in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient.  It's not a priority.  When you're committed to something, you see it through.

The Fallacy of Willpower.

If you're a lone wolf, the odds are not in your favor because you must rely exclusively on willpower.  Do a Google search on "why willpower doesn't work" and you'll discover thousands of articles from very reputable sources on behavioral psychology unequivocally proving the fallacy of willpower when it comes to making lasting, positive changes.  The real solution is always putting yourself in a structured, accountable, supportive situation long enough to develop new habits.  Coaching gives you that situation, which gives you certainty and speed of outcome.

Invest in You.

The wiser we become, the more we realize that as our health and fitness goes, so goes the quality of our life.  If there is a panacea - something that cures everything - it's exercise and supportive nutrition.  Your state of mind and your ability to be who you most want to be and have what you most want to have are directly related to your physical well-being.  Are peace of mind, happiness and unshakable self-confidence (not to mention, looking great) a cost or an investment for you?

If you perceive hiring an expert coach as a cost you have to pay someone else, versus an investment that pays you, then most likely you also chose "lone wolf".

Exercise AND Nutrition.

Hopefully you understand all the exercises in the world won't help much if your diet is horrible.  Over the last 10 years, the health and fitness communities have really dialed-in what constitutes supportive nutrition.  And it's largely about getting the right combination of macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fats) in the right amounts (portion sizes) at the right times.  Restrictive diets that leave you hungry all the time never work long-term, almost always result in yo-yo weight loss/gain and they're just not healthy.  That's why we don't advocate them.

You Don't Need Donuts.

If you can follow a sensible meal plan that doesn't leave you hungry, and substitute fruit for donuts most of the time (you can still have a donut on occasion), then you can dramatically accelerate your fitness and/or weight loss results.

Carpe Diem (seize the day).

Now is the perfect time.  You already know that.  The most important day in your life is today.  Because what you choose to do today dictates who you will be and what you will have tomorrow.

You Are In Control.

Making a decision to change can be scary.  But you know what's scarier?  REGRET.  

If what you just read makes sense to you, then you and I are on the same page and I know we can help you get the body, health and fitness you want.  

So, here's what to do now...