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Complete Athlete in Spokane, WA: The Origin Story


Complete Athlete in Spokane, WA: The Origin Story

Kristal Hayek

It was a long time coming!  My name is Joel Hayek and I am the owner of Complete Athlete.  This life-long dream of mine has finally come to fruition, the dream to offer a complete fitness facility where professionals can come together to provide the most innovative, comprehensive approach to peoples’ fitness and rehabilitation needs.

I have always been passionate in the area of physical fitness and wellness.  The human body is a miraculous thing and, when cared for properly, can do amazing things!  So many of our aches and pains, limited mobility and lack of energy can be solved through retraining the body to perform functionally – the way it was meant to.

My story began in college when I received my first degree in Health and Fitness here in Spokane, Washington.  The more I learned about the body, the more I knew this was the field for me.  I love to watch as people transform their lives through regaining their strength, confidence and proper mobility. 

I worked at many local gyms and fitness facilities before finally opening my own personal training facility on the South Hill of Spokane.  Here, I was finally able to implement my own philosophies of training that I had gained from my experiences, research and continued learning in the field.  In the 10 years I owned this studio I learned much more about operating a business, both in general and in the fitness field.

The dream was born in me over five years ago to create a larger fitness facility where there was room for other professionals to provide care such as: chiropractic, physical therapy, nutrition, massage.  We could then collaborate to assist clients in their fitness, whether they be athletes wanting to improve their performance; general population adults wanting to lose weight or get in shape; people recovering from injuries/surgeries; or youth wanting to develop that “edge” in their sports performance. 

In the winter of 2015 I saw the opportunity to make this dream a reality.  We signed the papers on the space at 15312 E. Sprague Ave. Suite C on January 8, 2015.  My Complete Athlete team began coming together before the doors were even open and I could not believe in my staff any more than I do.  They are passionate, educated, experienced individuals who are giving all they have to build Complete Athlete.

Even though Complete Athlete is in its infancy, its demand has been evident.  We constantly hear how the Spokane Valley was in need of a facility such as this.  We look forward to many years of servicing athletes of all ages and abilities in the years to come.