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Success Stories

Client testimonials are important to us because it means we are doing our job.  We want to see you achieve and surpass your health and fitness goals!  

ann minton


“Prior to the six week challenge I signed up for, my workouts were very sporadic. I didn’t stick with them because I became discouraged easily and I was on my own. Because of that, my primary goal was to stick to 5 days a week for the entire 6 weeks, and I did.

The trainer I had was energetic and encouraging and helped me to not give up on myself. The classes were small, making it easy for everything to be explained, demonstrated and questions were encouraged. If I couldn’t do something because of any of my limitations, there were always alternate things to do. The guidance through all of it was tremendously helpful. Although initially, I was wanting to lose weight, my focus shifted to strength, balance, and flexibility. I have happily noticed an improvement in all of those areas.

Complete Athlete is a wonderful facility. The staff is friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I really do love it there, and I’ve been inspired to continue to challenge myself!”       Ann Minton

teri thomas

"Working out at Complete Athlete has changed my life.  I started in February 2017 with the 21 Day Jumpstart, going 3x's per week.  I wasn't sure what to expect on my first day.  I walked in nervous and afraid that I was out of my league, but after my first session I was hooked!  My coach inspired me to do things I have never done before.  I started out not being able to do the simplest of things, and have reached so many mini goals since then.  

I have learned a lot about myself while working out here.  What I can do, what I struggle with and need to improve on, and most importantly, learning that I AM WORTH IT!  Currently I am going at least 4x's per week and I feel AMAZING!  My sleep has improved, my clothes fit better, I am able to move more freely, I am more confident and I have more energy throughout the day to keep up with my active children.  Since starting I have lost 28 pounds and inches throughout that include losing 5 1/2 inches in my waist alone.  I still have a ways to go to reach my goals, but I know I will get there in time.

I have learned a lot about myself while working out here: what I can do, what I struggle with and need to improve on, and, most importantly, learning that I AM WORTH IT!

The Complete Athlete staff is hands-down incredible!  They really know what they are doing and the encouragement they give is truly sincere. They can take a workout and modify it specific to your needs and the workouts change so you are always working to the best of your abilities!  If there is something I struggle with, my coach helps me work through it, teaches the proper techniques and never gives up on me!

No matter what you're going through, no matter what you weigh or your activity level, Complete Athlete is the place to be! Thank you CA!!!"

Teri Thomas

brooke berg

"Complete Athlete has done a lot for me, but one thing that stands out the most is noticing how much my performance on the field has improved.  When I started Complete Athlete I was 15 years old and went twice a week.  However, I had to stop going because my parents enrolled me in Driver's Ed and that was the worst couple weeks of my life.  

When I first started coming, my plan was to only do it for about three months so that I could get into shape for a tournament I had in California. By the time I was done, I was in the best shape, did well at my tournament and wanted to continue at CA and see where it would take me. Complete Athlete in general just makes a personal feel unstoppable and that anything is possible.  Before I joined, the only time I was training was at soccer practice and not really any conditioning.  Since then, my whole perspective on working out has changed.  Now I look forward to speed, agility and strength training every day!  Without them, I know I wouldn't be where I am today.  

If you are thinking about joining Complete Athlete DON'T THINK - JUST DO!  This is a place you won't regret joining!"

Brooke Berg

Rylee Felgenhauer

"Complete Athlete has been amazing for me.  It has made me so much stronger in everything I do.  It has excelled my sprinting and has turned my bad days into good ones.  I feel so much better in everything I do - from my mood, my athletics and my physical appearance has even changed!  I love coming to Complete Athlete and look forward to coming every day.

"Once you start, you will fall in love"

The staff at Complete Athlete is amazing!  They push you to your limits and truly want you to succeed.  Once you start, you will fall in love.  Joining has been one of the best things that I have done for myself and my athletics.  Everyone needs to try their program."

Rylee Felgenhauer

Eric hoke

"Complete Athlete is a very special place for me.  I have never found another gym that has figured out the magic combination of fitness, motivation, atmosphere and commitment to my personal success.  I joined in the spring of 2016 after a tough winter of skiing.  I felt like I was struggling to keep up with my then 7-year-old daughter and knew I needed to make a change if I wanted to continue skiing.  My goals were simple as I wanted to increase endurance, lose weight and gain strength.  

 I have never found another gym that has figured out the magic combination of fitness, motivation, atmosphere and commitment to my personal success.

I have (with the help of CA) far surpassed my expectations and continue to set new goals for myself.  The 2017 ski season has been amazing and I have never felt so strong and so fit.  My endurance level has increased far beyond my initial expectations. When I began at CA I was working out 2-3 times per week and have since increased to 4-5 times per week.

The trainers are experts at what they do and really seem to care about helping me hit my goals.  The class sizes are small and the routines change regularly so I never feel like I am bored or stagnant in my workout.  The other members at the gym are awesome and vary in ability.  The variation in ability doesn't affect my workout as everyone goes at their own pace and, because of the small class sizes, the trainers can focus on individual needs.  It became obvious to me early on that it was my own fault if I didn't get a great workout at Complete Athlete.

For anyone looking to start a new fitness program, who simply wants to get in better shape or lose some weight, do yourself a favor and come in for a workout."

Erik Hoke

Jorgen bang

After a few months, I’m down twenty-five pounds and feeling much more youthful.

“I joined at Complete Athlete in June on the recommendation of my physical therapist. I was struggling with back and foot issues and he told me that the trainers at Complete Athlete could help me to strengthen muscles to help minimize the trouble they were causing. In addition to reduced pain and discomfort, I wanted to lose some weight that had come along with inactivity. Initially, I came in twice a week and now I come in three times a week. The first few workouts were a little stressful after so much time away from exercise but it wasn’t too long before my mind and body looked forward to every session. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and accommodating and all show a sincere interest in my rehabilitation and overall fitness. After a few months, I’m down twenty-five pounds and feeling much more youthful. I have had to rethink my goals after hitting my initial ones.

At this point, I have re-prioritized my week to make sure I get the workouts in. After feeling the success, personally, I brought in my middle school aged daughter to help with her sports. I can see the tremendous difference it makes for her on the field and court. The work these guys put in for us is really appreciated.”

Jorgen Bang

elise bang

I love how their goal is to make me feel better about myself and help me achieve my goals.

"Complete Athlete has made me a more confident person in everyday life. I started the program back in September.  I now go two days a week and love every moment of them. When I started CA I expected to look more toned and muscular within a few weeks. I have met this goal, but I abandoned my old way of thinking about exercise. I now workout to feel accomplished and to have a good time. Since joining the CA team, I have been able to stay healthy and not get sick. I am a lot more confident in myself and I strive to make others also feel good about themselves. Furthermore, I have been noticing an increase in muscle and a loss in fat as well as a new confidence in sports. Plus, I’m always getting compliments on how good my muscles look. In addition, it is easier to wake up in the morning without feeling like I didn’t get any sleep. 

Before I started working with the trainers here at Complete Athlete, my goal when exercising was to look better, not to consider how I feel after working out. All the coaches have implanted this way of thinking and a positive attitude in me that I hope I will never lose. I love how their goal is to make me feel better about myself and help me achieve my goals. Thank you to John, Ruben, Lexi, Jacob, Raul, and Joel for inspiring me to be the best I can be and always cheering me on. Complete Athlete is such a positive place that highlights your strengths and helps you get better at your weaknesses. I would recommend CA to anyone looking to get better at sports, gain confidence or just looking for a way to have fun. 

Elise Bang

The Shipmans (Shelly, spencer, conner)


Shelly Shipman:

"I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disease) that zaps my energy and causes my metabolism to be very slow. I have used that as an excuse to not exercise or eat correctly. I was ashamed at what my body had become -- a blob of blah!  I watched my boys workout at Complete Athlete for an entire year and am amazed at their improved athleticism.  I decided to stop using my Hashi's as an excuse and give Complete Athlete a try in April, 2016.

I love the small group setting and positive atmosphere. The trainers are fantastically positive, always encouraging me to do my best and more. My energy has increased and I've even managed to lose some poundage (and inches)! I feel fabulous and the great results are the reason I am no longer using my Hashi's as an excuse, It's just a hurdle I need to jump and Complete Athlete is the reason I'm jumping (or bear crawling, or inch worming or mountain climbing or Turkish get upping!)"

Conner Shipman:

"Complete Athlete has made me better in what I do in life. I am more flexible and stronger because of the workouts. The trainers make the workouts fun and push me do more than I think I can do. Complete Athlete has helped me become a better person and overall better athlete."

Spencer Shipman:

"Complete Athlete has helped me become stronger, more agile and a better athlete all around. I love the workouts and the Trainers are awesome -- always positively pushing me to do my best and more."

Keera Payne

“I have always been an avid gym goer. Either training for a triathlon, trying to lose baby weight or just kicking it up a notch for summer, I am always there. I love working out and changing things up consistently. I started hitting a plateau and getting bored the end of 2015. I also started having issues with my neck and traps from my job. I saw Complete Athlete on Facebook and was impressed by their techniques and all of the trainers. The first day I went I fell in love. The workouts are AMAZING, diverse and efficient. My trainer gave me specific workouts for my injuries that we have been able to work through and I am now able to lift and move so much better.

I really started seeing a lot of muscle growth within a few months and am shocked how strong I am now. This spring when I rode my dirt bike for the first time I noticed such a huge difference in my core, balance and I didn't get any arm pump. I have started leaning out and am to my goal body fat percentage!!!!!! Spartan races are my next adventure and I know CA can get me there."

I wish everyone could understand how important training this way is for their bodies. We would all have a lot less injuries, people would enjoy it more and we would all be a lot more balanced.

Emily Greene

“Complete Athlete has made me a stronger sprinter by working on my technique and strength. I started last year in June or July and I came in two or three times a week and during track season I came in once every two weeks. Now I do four times a week. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started I just wanted to get better at running because I knew I could. I just didn't know how to get there and because of Complete Athlete I made it to state in three events where the year before I was an alternate for one. I still want to go to State in all 4 of my events but I've ran times that I never thought I could so I really want to 12.5 in the 100m in all races not just the qualifying meets. I also want to break 26 for the 200m again and hopefully start running sub 26 more often.

I've started to have better sleep and I've always enjoyed mornings but now I enjoy them more especially after a workout. I seem to have more energy and I'm in a good mood more often. The workouts also help me handle my stress which helps me focus on school better. I'm also obsessed with my leg muscles now. I didn't really have an opinion on working out before I started Complete Athlete, I enjoyed it in track but I was too shy to go to a weight room on my own or even with another person but now I'm okay with working out around other people.

All the trainers are like a family. John is the intimidating older brother who's actually a teddy bear, Joel is the second oldest brother who's really annoying but still wants what's best for you, Raul is the cousin that's always around and you can't get rid of and picks on you and finds you in another city because he's weird but you enjoy being around him and he's fun but hardworking and can make you feel bad but still sound nice, and Christian is the twin brother who's everywhere at once but still knows what he's doing somehow but it doesn't seem like it until after when you realize what he says works and he's just always crazy. But they all know what they're doing and they go out of their way to make sure you're comfortable and doing your best because they want to see you succeed.

I think everyone should try the program, except I also want to keep it to myself like a secret weapon. But CA is really good at forming to everyone's strengths and weaknesses and is able to make those weaknesses into strengths and it's not something you have to do its more something you want to.”

Julia Adair

"Complete Athlete has made me more confident in soccer and in most everything athletic. It has immensely improved my strength and speed as an athlete. I started sometime in December and have kept with it 2 days a week since then. I thought the training would just keep me in shape and active, however it has made me stronger, faster, and better overall athletically. Mentally I feel more capable and more determined to improve. I feel healthier as working out generally motivates me to sleep and eat well in order to have the energy to train. (And for my appearance as sort of a competition I show off my arm muscles to my older brother who I know is secretly impressed and possibly jealous).

I have worked out a lot prior to CA but didn't put too much effort into focusing on improving but since CA, I strive to get better every workout. I would definitely recommend starting a program at CA no matter where you stand athletically. It's not like going to a typical gym where you are judged while you wander around wondering what to do next, I personally look forward to training at CA. The workouts are organized and vary and change within a program. The coaches are really great. They adjust the workouts to fit specific needs and abilities. They are always uplifting and encouraging to take the next step to get better. The facility provides a great variety of activities within a workout so you are challenged and always doing something new. I'm definitely glad I joined the program and plan to continue with it until college soccer!”

Matt Connor

"Complete Athlete has provided a consistent, challenging, comprehensive program that has guided me towards an all-around healthier lifestyle. When I started here I just wanted to embrace an all-around healthier lifestyle and feel stronger physically. Now, I view each session as a way to achieve that.  In general, I feel like I'm physically and mentally stronger through the completion of each workout, know better how to fuel my body each day, and have more energy overall.

Before I started working out at CA, I didn't view working out as a priority. I didn't think it was something I had time for and had no interest in doing. Now I look forward to each session knowing that I will accomplish something each time that I will feel proud of. I view working out at as a time to take care of myself and recognize the importance of making that time in order to lead a balanced life.

The facility is clean, well maintained, and functional. No two workouts are the same. There's a variety of equipment and we utilize it all. The coaches here go above and beyond. They are extremely knowledgeable and demonstrate complete professionalism. They build relationships with clients and take the time to listen to their goals. The client as a whole is important to them. Each group may have a variety of ability levels, yet the coaches are able to differentiate for each person without skipping a beat. It is apparent through their actions that they love what they do!

I would highly recommend Complete Athlete to anyone and everyone, regardless of age or ability. I’ve seen people from 8 years old all the way up to 75 years old training here. I’ve seen people who are struggling to walk, as well as professional athletes. None of that matters, because when you’re here, it is all about you as an individual and your goals. That’s why this place is so valuable.

Brandon Campbell

The trainers actually explain which stretches affect each muscle and talk about the correct lifting form when using weights.

"Complete Athlete has given me a reason to workout. I no longer have to second guess myself if want to work out or not, I already know that the answer will be 'yes'. It has given me the opportunity to grow as a client and improve on my training and I can't say that about any other workout program I have been with.  I started Complete Athlete in the spring of 2015 and continued throughout that summer. Last spring I went only 2 days a week, but now I work out three days a week.  Some goals that I have set for myself when I started training was to be able to break the 5 second mark for my 40 yard dash and also be able to bench my own body weight. Although I have gotten closer to those goals, I have yet to be able to accomplish them. With more training I feel that I can do it.

Once starting at Complete Athlete, I could tell that I was just more upbeat and awake than usual. To be honest, I would usually fall asleep throughout the middle of the day, but now I am able to stay awake and feel good about myself. I can also tell that my body is more in shape than it used to be.  

Before I joined Complete Athlete I was kind of skeptical about going because I had never heard of them before and I was used to working out at school, but once I got in and tested the place with a practice workout, I was positive that it would be a good fit for me. Sure the workouts kicked my butt, and it still does, but that is what I was looking for in a training facility and that's what I got.

The training facility has a large amount of new equipment that is beneficial to working out. Now as for the coaches...I was impressed. The trainers actually explain which stretches affect each muscle and talk about the correct lifting form when using weights. I also appreciate that it is more of a team environment that builds people up instead of just seeing who can lift the most weight.

I would encourage people to try Complete Athlete.  If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity. It is hard to find a place that doesn't treat you like just another customer and a place that will take the time to show you the correct way to lift and what you can do to improve on your mistakes. If someone is on the edge, I would suggest for them to try it out first. Once they do that, I'm sure they will like it."

Thy pham



"I started coming to Complete Athlete two to three days per week seven months ago.  I wanted to get healthier and stronger.  Complete Athlete has helped me do just that.  I am stronger and I find life more meaningful.  The Staff are super nice and always helpful.  I like to refer my customers to Complete Athlete."

Shea hansen

“If you want to get in shape and learn to move better and get stronger and have an hour a few days per week to do it, Complete Athlete is the place for you!”

"A little over a year ago I was coming up on 200 pounds and the most out of shape I have ever been in my life, which was not a feeling that I liked.  I started working out a short time later and that was all fine and dandy but I still wasn't where I needed to be.  So, I changed my diet drastically.  With that and the workouts I did on my own, I lost about 15 pounds and gained a little of the look I like, but I was still looking for something more.  Coach John at CA had talked to me quite a few times about a new facility (CA) he was working at and it caught my attention so I came for a test run of the facility and couldn't have found a better fit for me!


The staff is knowledgeable and will help work you to your goals in a great facility.  I am currently 200 pounds at 11% body fat and couldn't be happier with the way I look, feel and move.  Since August of 2015, I have been coming 3-4 times per week and getting an amazing workout within an hour. 

If you want to get in shape and learn to move better and get stronger and have an hour a few times per week, Complete Athlete is the place for you!  You will show up, work your tail off and go home feeling better than you did the day before.  And, if you are willing to push yourself, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself physically."

faith adams

"Faith started training with Complete Athlete in Spring of 2015.  What she has gained in strength, speed and confidence through this training has helped her on and off the court in many ways.  Her travel basketball team, Spokane Legacy, went on to win the Chicago Nike Invitational in the Summer of 2015.  She is currently a freshman and plays for the Varsity basketball team at EVHS.  Faith plays positions of point guard and shooting guard."

Brian Sills

Since joining Complete Athlete, I now workout 4 or more days per week, my energy levels are through the roof, the workouts are evolving and the results are increasing.

"Complete Athlete has helped me to increase my overall health by losing inches and pounds, building lean muscle, increasing flexibility, increasing agility and movement and many of my troublesome aches and pains are gone.


My first group session was awesome! I struggled to get through much of the warm-ups and workout but Joel was quick to help tailor the workouts to my level so that I could still get a great workout.  I had some knee troubles soon after starting but the workouts were quickly modified to assist in healing myself rather than letting the problem persist.  Since joining Complete Athlete, I now workout 4 or more days per week, my energy levels are through the roof, the workouts are evolving and the results are increasing.

I didn't really have set goals when I started.  I just wanted to feel better and knew I needed to change my routine of inactivity.  Since being at Complete Athlete, I have made many personal goals through my workouts to push myself to get stronger and strengthen my weaknesses. Some goals I have achieved, and some I have not yet but they continue to push me.

I have worked with many of the trainers at Complete Athlete.  I always get a great workout.  The routines are set up in phases to constantly challenge your body in new ways.  The trainers help you to focus on your technique and range of motion.  No matter what your fitness level, there is no doubt that you can push yourself in a very productive way in an efficient amount of time.  

Since joining, there has never been a time where I dreaded going to my workout and I have continued to progress.  If you are willing to push yourself and make the commitment to put in the work, you will be very impressed with the results.  If you are serious about getting fit and achieving your fitness goals, I would seriously consider Complete Athlete."



Hunter Tiffany



"My time at Complete Athlete has been great so far.  My agility, speed and strength have improved greatly.  Complete Athlete has taught me to show leadership.  With that leadership I have helped my football team.  Everything I do at Complete Athlete helps my performance more and more each time I work out."





"Complete Athlete takes your workout, any injuries, time and goals seriously.  I have been training for 1-hour sessions 5x/week for 2-3 months and have noticeable results in toning, endurance and strength.  The workouts are tailored for your needs, but it has got to be the most efficient and productive hour spent in my day!!!  I may be the one who does all the hard work, but the trainers are the ones who motivate me to do it.  Thank you guys!"

2015-11-24 23.19.02.jpg

Sydney mclean

"I have had an amazing time here at Complete Athlete!  My coaches make sure that I am always challenged and, as a result, I am faster and stronger than ever!  My mile time at school has improved from 7 min. 10 sec. to 6 min. 56 sec. in the short amount of time I have been here!  Thank you so much!

Sydney plays AAU Basketball with the Wolf Pack and has placed...

  • 1st in Boo Ball Tournament
  • 1st in League Championship
  • 1st in Summer Championship

Keep up the good work, Sydney!  We are proud of you!