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Thank you for your input!



First, I just want to say thank you to everyone who completed our Client Survey or gave input to us directly on what we can do to improve your experience at Complete Athlete. We know that there has been an adjustment period during our move and expansion at the new location and I want to thank each and every one of you for being loyal to us during this time.

We are working hard on finalizing our buildout to include the upstairs. Currently, we are midway through the painting process and are coordinating logistics of getting the turf installed – we are just as eager as you to have the turf back! This has taken much longer than originally anticipated, but unfortunately it was out of our control. The goal is to have the upstairs finished and ready for clients the beginning of June. This will help with the congestion during the evenings and yes, the sleds are returning!

Based on your suggestions, we have revived the 2pm class. As the summer is starting, class times for Youth Athletes are changing and with that we are opening additional class times for the Adult clients. We’ve also received some inquiries about offering different types of specialty classes. With the completion of the upstairs area, this is an option we are discussing. Stay tuned for new openings!

Beginning June 1st, we are switching software platforms. With our new software, you will have access to a client portal that allows you to see your tracked progress, adjust your membership, and be in control of your schedule by booking your own classes and seeing which ones are booked full! The portal is accessible from your computer or mobile device. Our class size for Semi-Private training will be dropping back down to a maximum of 6 clients. This allows us to not only get back to more personalized attention, but we will also be building on that to add an even more customized experience to YOU. You’re going to love it!

To help you better understand and improve your overall fitness, we are busy working out some partnerships with local massage, chiropractic, and possibly other services. Our partnered nutritionist, Jolene Fisher, and the Inbody machine will also be making an appearance in the next few weeks and a permanent schedule for when it will be in our facility for use will be posted.

There have been some concerns about the bathrooms, and we have heard you loud and clear. While painting them has helped, we will be refocusing our efforts on improving them further after we finish working on the upstairs. We don’t plan on stopping there either – we will continue to improve the facilities over the next year as we work towards our ultimate client experience. We thank you for your patience!

Lastly, as a giant THANK YOU, we are planning a Client Appreciation/Open House. We want to show you guys how much you mean to us with a party in your honor! We plan on having a solid date for this as soon as the upstairs buildout is done – Make sure you come join us for the festivities!

Again, I just want to say we appreciate your patronage at Complete Athlete. Thanks for sticking with us and we look forward to not only getting back to the service we provided in the past, but EXCEEDING it! I know you are going to be happy with our improvements!




Joel Hayek