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Contact us: | 509-808-2716

Contact us: | 509-808-2716

Results & Success

Ann Minton

“Prior to the six week challenge I signed up for, my workouts were very sporadic. I didn’t stick with them because I became discouraged easily and I was on my own. Because of that, my primary goal was to stick to 5 days a week for the entire 6 weeks, and I did.

The trainer I had was energetic and encouraging and helped me to not give up on myself. The classes were small, making it easy for everything to be explained, demonstrated and questions were encouraged. If I couldn’t do something because of any of my limitations, there were always alternate things to do. The guidance through all of it was tremendously helpful. Although initially, I was wanting to lose weight, my focus shifted to strength, balance, and flexibility. I have happily noticed an improvement in all of those areas.

Complete Athlete is a wonderful facility. The staff is friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I really do love it there, and I’ve been inspired to continue to challenge myself!”     


"Complete Athlete takes your workout, any injuries, time and goals seriously.  I have been training for 1-hour sessions 5x/week for 2-3 months and have noticeable results in toning, endurance and strength.  The workouts are tailored for your needs, but it has got to be the most efficient and productive hour spent in my day!!!  I may be the one who does all the hard work, but the trainers are the ones who motivate me to do it.  Thank you guys!"

Faith Adams

"Faith started training with Complete Athlete in Spring of 2015.  What she has gained in strength, speed and confidence through this training has helped her on and off the court in many ways.  Her travel basketball team, Spokane Legacy, went on to win the Chicago Nike Invitational in the Summer of 2015.  She is currently a freshman and plays for the Varsity basketball team at EVHS.  Faith plays positions of point guard and shooting guard"

Matt Conner

"Complete Athlete has provided a consistent, challenging, comprehensive program that has guided me towards an all-around healthier lifestyle. When I started here I just wanted to embrace an all-around healthier lifestyle and feel stronger physically. Now, I view each session as a way to achieve that.  In general, I feel like I'm physically and mentally stronger through the completion of each workout, know better how to fuel my body each day, and have more energy overall.

Before I started working out at CA, I didn't view working out as a priority. I didn't think it was something I had time for and had no interest in doing. Now I look forward to each session knowing that I will accomplish something each time that I will feel proud of. I view working out at as a time to take care of myself and recognize the importance of making that time in order to lead a balanced life.

The facility is clean, well maintained, and functional. No two workouts are the same. There's a variety of equipment and we utilize it all. The coaches here go above and beyond. They are extremely knowledgeable and demonstrate complete professionalism. They build relationships with clients and take the time to listen to their goals. The client as a whole is important to them. Each group may have a variety of ability levels, yet the coaches are able to differentiate for each person without skipping a beat. It is apparent through their actions that they love what they do"

"I have always been an avid gym goer. Either training for a triathlon, trying to lose baby weight or just kicking it up a notch for summer, I am always there. I love working out and changing things up consistently. I started hitting a plateau and getting bored the end of 2015. I also started having issues with my neck and traps from my job. I saw Complete Athlete on Facebook and was impressed by their techniques and all of the trainers. The first day I went I fell in love. The workouts are AMAZING, diverse and efficient. My trainer gave me specific workouts for my injuries that we have been able to work through and I am now able to lift and move so much better.

I really started seeing a lot of muscle growth within a few months and am shocked how strong I am now. This spring when I rode my dirt bike for the first time I noticed such a huge difference in my core, balance and I didn't get any arm pump. I have started leaning out and am to my goal body fat percentage!!!!!! Spartan races are my next adventure and I know CA can get me there!"